Wednesday, 8 April 2015


There you are
Rising again
Burning your way through layers of marshmallow pink and toasted orange,
Lighting another dawn, in triumph,
Extending a ray across a motionless Lough that shimmers,
A path to warmth; the joys of summer, the perils of naked worship.
How is it that you are not so close, as to vapourise our ark of tranquillity?
Our capsule of solitude, adrift in darkness?
Yet not so far that we are rendered frozen in Space, and time?
Someday, perhaps we, the curious inhabitants of this unmatched globe,
Shall be worthy of your well-timed secrets,
Your orchestrated dance across the heavens,
Of stirring waves and infinite energy,
Of triggered birdsong and archetypal fathers.
But for now we witness, in awe
Or disregard,
Your unwavering dedication
To your subjects,
Your oblivious servitude
To this zoo of aberration;
Our only home,
Our precious Earth.